Happy New Year!

We hope you had a restful break over the Christmas period and ready to get back to it!

We’ve been back in the Introbiz office for a few days now, planning hard for the year ahead. We’re not joking when we say that we have heaps of new and exciting events coming up, we’ve altered our membership packages to offer members even more value and you’ll be seeing the Introbiz franchise pop up throughout the UK and Europe in 2020.

It’s sure to be a very busy year for the Introbiz network. The monthly lunches will be open to both ladies and gentlemen, there’ll be three Expos to look forward to, in Swansea, Newport and Cardiff and Introbiz Sweden will be launching at a later date in January. We’re also keen to provide even more networking and marketing training sessions, so you can polish off your networking skills and put them into practice at our weekly events.

We’re also planning a range of events that will take place on the other side of the world – members will be invited to join us for a completely unique experience and an opportunity to network with world-renowned entrepreneurs, key influencers and business owners.

We hope that you all had a lovely holiday season and are geared up to get your heads back in the game for a prosperous 2020. As you know, we’ve always got something up our sleeve. This year is no different, and we naturally have some exciting plans coming up for you to get involved with throughout the year.

There’s so much to look forward to throughout the year – we can’t wait to reveal our plans to you all. Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms to keep updated and don’t forget that you can always visit our website to see a list of our upcoming events and latest news www.introbiz.co.uk.