Rugbyshield is committed to helping rugby clubs of all sizes. Our unique offering not only provides Insurance solutions to clubs and their members but can also provide an income stream back to them in several ways. We have multiple options to help reduce the ever-increasing cost of energy and water and can introduce state of the art technology to reduce energy consumption and in turn, your carbon footprint. All of this at no additional cost to your club.

We feel very privileged that through our business, not only are we able to work within a sport that we love but are also able to assist clubs with funding that is all too often hard to come by. All our dedicated team from telesales to the CEO are involved in rugby in one way or another. In fact, that’s where the original idea of helping to provide an income stream for rugby clubs came from. Whilst insurance is one of those boring things we all need, sourcing it through Rugbyshield can provide your club with additional benefits far beyond what you would expect.

Any clubs most valuable asset are its members, for that reason we have partnered with Vitality Life and Health Insurance to provide Insurance cover not only for when on the pitch, but in all walks of life. Unlike most other insurance, with Vitality Insurance you don’t have to make a single claim to see the benefits. Their range of rewards and partners can save you money and increase you and your family’s wellbeing as soon as you take out a policy.

In every rugby club we have visit, we encounter stories where a player has been badly injured and is unable to work, or even stopped playing through the fear of being injured and suffering the same fate. We can offer Vitality’s Income Protection cover so that if you can’t work due to injury or illness, a percentage of your income will be covered. Through Vitality Health, you can get faster access to the treatment you need and get back to work, and back on that pitch quicker, and continue enjoying your passion.


Welcome to the Introbiz family our latest partner. For more information about Rugybshield and the great work they do, visit their website.

You can also contact Kevin Buchler on 07514756788 or email