Join us for our second global webinar as we welcome Peter Wilcock.

He is the former COO of Virgin Media and now works as the business mentor to the Evans Property Group. Peter spent over a decade at cable giant Virgin Media, and was the driving force behind the growth of cable TV and broadband across the UK.  Following his success with Virgin, Peter then made the leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur – including investing in several businesses.

Peter has travelled a fascinating journey through the business world, or jungle as he would call it. His corporate experience with Unilever, Seagram’s, Comcast and Virgin saw him rise to the top of the corporate ladder, and his leading role in creating the UK’s cable industry taught him the power of thought within the business world.

His successes include joining Comcast to start a new cable franchise with just five employees, zero customers and zero revenues, and growing it to over six million customers and £2.5 billion in annualised revenues – managing over 12,000 staff across a variety of functions all the while. His book Camel in the Tent – an intriguing and memorable perspective on the principles of success – is a backstory to one of the key principles which saw the growth of this cable business, and one that stands tall in any business or personal goal today.

Having created a niche as a mentor and coach to entrepreneurs, CEO’s and their C- Suite, he is using his bank of stories and analogies to help shift the mindset in the pursuit of business and personal growth. Peter’s objective is to teach those looking for knowledge on how to navigate the world in order to follow the path of least resistance and reach the holy grail of happiness.

Here’s the agenda for this event:

8:00pm- Welcome by Introbiz 

8:15pm – Introducing Peter Wilcock and closed Q&A

9:00pm- Questions from the audience

9:25pm – Introduction to the next online events

9:30pm – Event close

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