Prepare yourself for the event
As soon as you book the event you’d like to attend, make sure you note the time and location of the venue. You should give yourself plenty of time to arrive so that you feel relaxed and ready to network.

Be on time
It’s so much easier to initiate a conversation with a handful of new connections at the start of an event than when the room is full. It also gives you the opportunity to make connections before the event has officially begun.

Make a great first impression
You only get one chance to make a positive impression. Stand tall, introduce your name and business clearly and just relax. Try not to give it the hard sell and talk about your interests and hobbies rather than just work.

Create a memorable introduction
Make your introduction short and simple, and avoid using technical jargon. This is not the time to sell, your introduction should encourage conversation and not kill it!

Set your aims before the event takes place
Your aims and goals should be clear and decided by yourself before actually attending the event. Networking is all about having quality conversation with a handful of individuals, rather than speaking a few words to the masses. You should aim to build genuine relationships.

Bring plenty of business cards with you
You should bring plenty of business cards with you but you don’t need to hand out every single one. Give your business card if you’ve promised to give further information or assist with a business aspect. Make sure your card is professional, clear and includes all your contact details.

Learn to listen
Show genuine interest in your connection and listen to them. Ask relevant questions and even though what they do may not be of direct interest to you, you never know who they may know.

It’s not all about you
Again, this is not an opportunity to sell – ask your connections questions that are relevant to them and their business.

This may be an obvious point but smiling shows that you’re friendly and approachable. You can even enter a conversation with a simple smile.

Prepare your follow up
Along with your new found connection, you should decide on your follow up method. This could either be by sending a simple, friendly email or a phone call to arrange a meeting.
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