Leave your sales pitch at the door

Nobody likes to be hard sold to. Fact. A better strategy is to get to know a few people on a personal level. This will leave them with a better impression of you and what you do, therefore more likely to buy your products or services.


Bring plenty of business cards with you
This is a fairly obvious tip, but one many people forget when networking. Try to attend the events with plenty of business cards with you. Remember, offering a business card should be a trade: you should get one in return. These are key when following up!


Be patient
Patience is an integral part of networking. Plenty of persistence and patience will be sure to pay off. As you build and invest in relationships, you’ll be sure to see results. Just keep at it!


Ask questions
Asking others meaningful questions shows that you are driven, interested in them and what they do, and prepared in advance for the meeting. This shows professionalism and willingness, so make sure you enter every event with a list of prepared questions.


Get involved
Believe us when we say, you’ll get absolutely nowhere stood at the back of a room. We know that entering a room full of strangers can be slightly daunting, but just take a deep breath and introduce yourself. Find someone stood alone and get stuck in!


Listen, learn and connect
Ask questions, listen to what your new found connection has to say. Why? This way, you’ll learn more about them as a person, what they do and who they’re looking to connect with. Every connection is different, you never know who they know so bear this in mind. When speaking to someone, try to say their name to build rapport – it shows that you’re really interested in them and what they have to say.


Follow up
Following up is imperative when it comes to being a successful networker. Try to follow up no more than 48 hours after the event. Some people prefer to be contacted by a phone call or an email, others prefer to be contacted through social media platforms such as Linked In.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know
This is a very common saying, and when it comes to networking, it really is true! Ask questions, listen and be friendly. You never know who your connection knows and make sure you get out there!


The more you put in, the more you’ll get out
It’s important to make the most out of the network – try to attend as many of our events as possible. Build your contact list as much as possible and get your name and company out there!


This might be a bit of an obvious last point, but believe us when we say, a smile really does go a long way. An approachable person is a memorable person!