Introbiz is thrilled to announce that Introbiz Sweden is up and running as the first international franchisee has been secured.

Richard and Claire Rees – who are currently living in Sweden, own a dog sledding company with around 80 dogs, running sled dog tours, taking people from all over the world on their winter adventure holidays. They built this business from scratch with lots of motivation, and energy, and now it is one of Jämtlands biggest and successful dog sledding business.  (  Even being on TV shows such as “Escape to the Wild” with Kevin McCloud and “Fishlock Wales.”

Between them Richard and Claire have a strong relationship, and work on building each other’s strengths to serve people in the tourism. During one of these events, Paul and Tracey came along as keynote speakers. The relationship grew and developed and as the opportunity to franchise, Claire and Richard decided to launch Introbiz in Sweden. 

Introbiz Sweden’s goals are to work with people in businesses that are struggling, to deliver good influence talks, and training, link businesses with each other at a range of events, deliver business exhibitions, to deliver strategies and to listen to the members of the network to develop even further. 

We’re delighted to announce that Introbiz Sweden’s launch will take place on Wednesday, 29th January, 2020, 16:00pm-19:00pm. The venue is called ST16, Are, Sweden and a small portion of the event will be sponsored by Are Bryggcompagni. There promises to be plenty of entertainment throughout the event, including a special performance by Jamtlands’ very own Elisabeth Rolandsson and photography will be captured by Darren Hamlin.

You can see further information with regards to membership fees and exhibition information below. To get in touch with Richard and Claire directly to book your place, email

Membership Packages

Start-up package – 4961.27kr + MOMS
Ladies lunch package – 4961.27kr + MOMS
Bronze package – 8691.54kr + MOMS
Silver package – 19,882.37kr + MOMS