Golf Events Diary 

Introbiz are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the wonderful Vale Resort to host a series of exclusive business networking golf events for Introbiz members. In 2018, we connected with over 500 businesses on the golf course. This exciting business club will give members the chance to connect and network in a completely new environment.

Networking golf events are proven to be a successful way to promote your business and services on a more personal level. Connecting and creating relationships with other businesses and potential clients/partners while playing a game of golf is a relaxed and fun way to network. See highlights of our previous events, here.

To book on to our first golf networking event of 2019, click here.


Thursday 25th April – National Course at 10:00am
Wednesday 22nd May – National Course at 10:30am
Thursday 25th July – Lake Course at 10:00am
Thursday 22nd August – Lake Course at 10:00am
Wednesday 25th September – National Course at 10:00am

City Hospice Golf Day 

Wednesday 27th March National Course at 11:30

2 Wish Upon a Star Golf Day 

Thursday 11th April- National Course at 13:00

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity Golf Day

Thursday 21st June – National Course at 11:00