Training Testimonials

Here are some training testimonials for you.

I really enjoyed the session Tracey was lovely, it felt quite informal and relaxed.  I thought she was very enthusiastic which made the training more interesting, as it’s great to see someone with a passion for what they do! What I took away from the session was to ensure I introduce myself to others and help them at events, Tracy taught us that the most important thing is to help others, not to gain reward for yourself but just to show your approachable and friendly. This is the best way to get into natural conversations with people which could in turn end up helping you. This is a much better approach than the hard sell which I intend to use going forward.

I thought the training was very useful and Tracey was very good at keeping engaging each member of the team through the session.

I enjoyed today’s session, Tracey was extremely passionate about what she does.

I’ve been reading Tracey’s latest edition of the Master Networker and I’m very disappointed.. in myself for not reading it sooner. I’ve read a good amount on networking, and none of them are as engaging as Tracey’s book. I found the elevator pitch section particularly helpful – I’ve learnt more in the 14 pages Tracey wrote than anywhere else.

Sina Yamani

REP Wales

What can I say? Tracey is one of the best heartfelt, professional and life changing individuals I have ever met. Her professionalism for networking and helping individuals and companies build a global brand is second to none. She is a magnet when it comes to growing relationships. They way she teaches companies the power of growing their businesses through effective networking and relationship building is outstanding. Companies would benefit greatly from her extensive knowledge and expertise. If you truly want to increase your income and expand your brand, I highly recommend Tracey!

Camilita Nuttall

Thank you for giving such a good and inspiring presentation the other night to ACCA Swansea and West Wales Network Panel. The presentation was filled with tips and golden nuggets and delivered with great enthusiasm. I am not a natural “networker” but armed with your tips was able to network more successfully at a conference I attended shortly after your presentation.

Steven Flather
ACCA Cymru Network Panel

Some great tips today at your networking and social media seminar. I cannot wait to get back to the office and put it all into practice!

David Collins
Cwmbran Community Council

The seminar was one of the best things I’ve partaken in during my time at university. I really enjoyed myself and I’ll be sure to keep attending these workshops in the future. I loved to understand about the power of networking and learned lots of new ideas to improve my skills.

Roda Hussein
Cardiff Met University

I learned that networking really is everywhere. I learned about the importance of being enthusiastic about business. I gained an insight into how to network effectively. Tracey is extremely inspiring.

Nia Hendry
Cardiff Met University

During the seminar, I learned about the power of networking and the importance of being confident. I understand that I should ask questions and get to know the people around you. I now have even more faith in myself that my own business idea will enhance people’s lives in the future.

Vicki Patterson
Cardiff Met University

The seminar today was extremely informative and was an excellent way to learn the most effective ways to network and to use social media on a daily basis. It was great to know that even if I don’t have the time to use social media during the day, I can use a platform such as Hootsuite to schedule my posts. I look forward to the next session!

Following the networking and social media training, I feel inspired and ready to put my new found skills to the test. I have learnt a great deal and am really excited about all the potential customers I can now reach through using social media. I am also ready to start a blog by using WordPress to share business tips and advice. Thanks Tracey and Paul!

Amanda Langstaff
Quarmby Colour Studio

I attended the networking and social media seminar at the Marriott Hotel and thought it was very well structured. The networking presentation was well presented with many key strategies explained which was great to see. The social media presentation was also very professional and I gained a great deal of knowledge with regards to many hidden gems within the world of social media.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself feel that I’m more equipped than ever to take my business forward.

This was a brilliant afternoon filled with a great amount of information. Both were brilliant presentations, filled with plenty of information. I learned how to enter a conversation and the importance of asking lots of open ended questions. There’s so much more to learn so I’m hoping to attend many more in the future!