Networking Testimonials


Here are some of our networking testimonials.

With an abundance of networking events from various organisations available in the area, it’s hard to find the right one. You can get lost and sit in a quandary. I spent some time, sorry wasted time, going from group to group until I found Introbiz. The contacts I have made have been invaluable, enabling us make new connections and being exposed to opportunities.

In the first quarter of 2017, we have recorded approx £15k of invoiced sales and generated a sales pipe line of over £60k, all generated through Introbiz and the members.

The Introbiz network and Expo has started to form a vital part of our continuous marking/sales strategy. We are proud to partner with Introbiz and the Expo.


Lee Brockway
Uprise Print

I joined Introbiz back in February and I have never attended such high end events especially for networking events. Introbiz treat you as a person/business not just a number and they are always looking for ways to help you connect with people. I would highly recommend Introbiz to anyone whether you are a new business or have been in business for many years, The entire Introbiz family both members and staff are the best people you could possibly meet, as everyone is so kind and helpful.


Marcus Gough Jones

Where can I start? You’ve given me so many tips, tricks and useful tools that have helped me and my business to grow in numerous ways. You have given me a load of useful and valuable knowledge which I use on a day to day basis. Because of your wisdom from marketing to meetings, I am seeing better results. Thanks so much Tracey!


Siwan Reynolds
Cardiff Meditation

LG Williams and Prichard Solicitors have been a member of Introbiz for just over 3 months and we thoroughly enjoy all the events they organise.

Introbiz is a fun, professional community and their events are an extremely effective way to network and obtain beneficial clients for your business. Paul, Tracey and the team are all lovely people who make you feel like you want to get involved. Their personalities really are infectious and you can’t help but come away from the events with a feel good factor and with the knowledge that many more people are now talking about your business.

Introbiz is a very positive network to be a part of and I would highly recommend all businesses to get involved in this fast growing and brilliant organisation.


Eleri Jones
LG Williams and Prichard 

I’m not a newcomer to networking and Introbiz stands out as the most organised, professional and best networking organisations I know. Paul, Tracey and the wonderful team are there not only to ensure you get to network, but to also ensure you have a great time. Many networking events are stuffy, and Introbiz is far from that. In the 3 months we have been a member we have quadrupled our return so the investment is easily quantified and we are look forward to each and every event we attend…great work guys!


Nick Green 
Moo Moo Marketing 

In my various job roles, I have been to many networking and business events in the UK and overseas.

Last week, I went to my first Introbiz networking breakfast and left with no doubt as to the benefits of becoming a member. Tracey and Paul exude powerful, infectious energy and enthusiasm, which is both inspirational and motivating. Being a part of such a positive network must surely have far reaching results for us all!

I am particularly pleased with the overwhelming positive response I received from everyone I spoke to who were eager to contribute to the development of our students and ultimately the employability of our graduates and the workforce in Wales.


Elaine Williams – Placement Adviser 
Cardiff Metropolitan University

Creo have been proud members of the Introbiz network for a number of years now, and our staff regularly attend the networking events. “We’re always looked after at Introbiz events,” says Caroline, Creo’s Business Development Manager. “Paul and Tracy are brilliant at bringing businesses together and producing yielding connections.”

Working with Introbiz to build their new website really showed how extensive their reach is. Because there are so many events annually, Introbiz members have the opportunity to speak to many different companies. Our experience of the events has always been a great blend of professionalism and enjoyment.

This year, we’re pleased to be sponsoring the Business Show. “The Business Show is a great opportunity,” says Andrew, Creo’s Technical Director. “Bringing so many businesses together in one place gives you the chance to talk to so many people. Last year’s show was great – this year should be even better.”


Creo Interactive

“It has been a very successful year for us here at Lexus Cardiff. With the launch of the all New NX300h it has really helped us attract new customers and through our partnership with Introbiz we have seen some great results.

We recently held our Lexus NX300h launch here at the dealership and we were absolutely delighted with how successful it was with Introbiz playing a huge part in the organisation. We saw over 150 people attend our event, it was absolutely packed and exactly what we were looking for! We had award winning Spiros Caterers on site serving up freshly made canapés, again introduced to us through Introbiz.

We would strongly recommend Introbiz to any businesses looking to up their game in 2015! Whether you are a one man band or running a large organisation, the key to securing new business is meeting people! Just turn up, grab a cup of coffee and have a chat to a few people, it is amazing what comes up in conversation, just because they might not be looking to buy anything from you right now that doesn’t mean they won’t know somebody who is. Being around like minded people definitely keeps you open minded.

We look forward to working with Introbiz in 2015 and are confident in another successful year!”

Dominic Attard – Business Centre Manager

Lexus Cardiff

“In my roles in the hospitality sector I go to many networking events and many business exhibitions all over the UK. I have now been to two Introbiz business exhibitions and both continue to surprise me on the scale of their events. They continue to grow and continue to produce top quality speakers who are relevant to today’s market place. I am looking forward to their up and coming event this year and looking forward to the guest speakers.”


Dai Jenkins
Newport Gwent Dragons

We made some great new contacts at both the networking breakfast and during Wales’ Biggest Exhibition. The keynote speakers were extremely motivational, which certainly put a spring in my step, whilst exhibiting. We managed to obtain appointments, enquiries and leads.

From an operational point of view the whole day, ran incredibly smoothly and the most was made of the available space. The evening at the Vale Resort certainly had the “wow” factor! The venue looked fab, entertainment was great and the food was gorgeous! My clients and I had a great time. Looking forward to 2014!


Sara Llewellyn-Evans
The Vale Resort, Cardiff Conferences and Events

I have been a member of Introbiz for a long time and have attended all but three of their weekly networking events. I try not to miss an Introbiz event as I tend to do a large majority of my work via the Introbiz Network and besides that there events are also great fun.

When I finished a National Sales Director role and become Self Employed, as many of my contacts were throughout England, I decided to look for a networking club in South Wales and I didn’t want just any club.  I was looking for the best networking club that I could find, with the most diverse and ambitious group of members.  I attended many different clubs and still do attend others from time to time but I have invested my time in to the Introbiz Network, as I find it the best networking club in South Wales, with the best members.

Paul & Tracey are fantastic at what they do and I would highly recommend you attending their events and joining their network as if you want to expand your network of decent South Wales Business contacts, this is the place for you.


Mike Armstrong
MD of MA Consultancy & WelshBiz

Some great tips today at your networking and social media seminar. I cannot wait to get back to the office and put it all into practice!

David Collins
Torfaen County Borough Council


I learned that networking really is everywhere. I learned about the importance of being enthusiastic about business. I gained an insight into how to network effectively. Tracey is extremely inspiring.

Nia Hendry
Cardiff Met University

Following the networking and social media training, I feel inspired and ready to put my new found skills to the test. I have learnt a great deal and am really excited about all the potential customers I can now reach through using social media. I am also ready to start a blog by using WordPress to share business tips and advice. Thanks Tracey and Paul!

Amanda Langstaff
Quarmby Colour Studio

I’ve been reading Tracey’s latest edition of the Master Networker and I’m very disappointed.. in myself for not reading it sooner. I’ve read a good amount on networking, and none of them are as engaging as Tracey’s book. I found the elevator pitch section particularly helpful – I’ve learnt more in the 14 pages Tracey wrote than anywhere else.

Sina Yamani
REP Wales