International Events

Introbiz now offer international business networking events

Introbiz have been providing members with international networking event opportunities in France and Desert Springs, Spain.

We’ve teamed up with France and Spain’s leading business networks in order to offer our members the opportunity to connect with some of Europe’s elite businesses.

Networking here in the UK is hugely important to you and your business, however, there is a wealth of opportunity and business throughout Europe for you to discover. These events provide the ideal location and opportunity to connect and socialise, something Introbiz is well known for providing.

When it comes to networking internationally, it can be difficult to form a solid foundation of contacts outside your home country. Perhaps there’s a language barrier, you don’t have enough knowledge of the country, or you quite simply don’t know where to start. That’s where our international networking events come in!

Global exposure is crucial for any company who is looking to expand. We think that having individuals on the ground in various countries, such as in France and Spain, who you trust to spread the word about you and your business and who can refer business and opportunities to you, is completely invaluable.

Introbiz has previously hosted a business networking event in the French capital. Back in November 2014, we were invited to join forces with the biggest networking company in France to host a networking event alongside Breizh Rugby Connect, the French Rugby Federation and a number of sponsors. This business event included an array of sectors and companies including, agriculture, energy, marketing, sporting clubs, transportation and many more.


Four Images France 2015

Past Event Summary

Taking place between Friday, June 12th and Sunday, June 14th, 2015, at the Desert Springs luxury golf resort, Spain, this was a completely unique opportunity to mix golfing and networking with managing directors and corporate companies.The weekend was filled with fun, fine food and wine while relaxing in the bright sunshine at this exclusive resort in Almanzora.

This was a fantastic opportunity to connect and mingle with many companies from all sorts of industries and sectors, a great way to build your contact list. Networking with businesses that work in the UK and live at this 5* resort.

The Desert Springs Resort is an international award-winning family leisure resort, with exclusive luxury accommodation. The resort prides itself on its beauty as it’s set beside the emerald green fairways of Europe’s only desert golf course. Being easily accessible from most of the UK’s airports makes this an even more attractive venue.

Guests were offered a 2 nights’ stay at the resort with a delicious breakfast every day, a welcome reception on arrival and a BBQ networking event in the evening. During the second day of the stay, on Saturday, guests could use the golf academy practice facilities, followed by a round of golf on the Indiana Course and this was culminated with a gala dinner at the award-winning El Torrente Restaurant.

The weekend came to an end on Sunday, June 14th with another delicious breakfast followed by a day to yourselves and checkout of the resort. Guests were welcome to stay for an extra night on Sunday for no additional cost.

2017 Upcoming Events

We have exciting new ventures in 2017! Introbiz are looking to host events in Europe, USA and Canada. For more information, you can call the Introbiz office on 02920 291002/07920772707 or email